Sunny Field: Couple’s Maternity

Andrea and Felix decided later in their pregnancy that they wanted to document this special time before their little boy arrived. They wanted a natural setting, with sunlit grassy fields. For the timing of their shoot in January, we settled on the fields at Brommelsiek Park, which had not yet been cleared before spring growth! 

Maternity sessions are so special, especially for a first baby. Couples are in such a special time together, where their excitement for their growing family is high, but there is still the intimacy of the remaining time just the two of them.

Felix and Andrea were so comfortable and relaxed together, laughing and interacting as if there was no camera anywhere to be found. Their playful interactions and loose body language translated so well into their photos, and we had so much fun. We worked in some prompts that played into a more serious and intimate vibe, and they didn’t need too much help, but we added some elements of laughter and lightness to some as well!

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