Rainy Day Elopement: Chris & Heather

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, and I am a firm believer in this. Not because of some superstition, but because facing adversity together, head on, and overcoming it with positivity and resilience says a lot about the foundation of your relationship. 

Wedding days can be picture perfect, but a happy wedding day with a little hiccup says that much more about a couple. 

Chris and Heather planned their ceremony to be small and intimate, with only their closest friends and relatives in attendance with them on their family’s property. The weather took us on a ride, as we watched the radar and moved the ceremony multiple times, in an attempt to beat out a possible downpour! 

We thought we had waited out the storm, and the arbor and chairs were set up in a gorgeous open field. The ceremony began beautifully, with close family and friends present, and Chris looking down, awaiting the moment when he could look up to see his bride approaching. The emotion of the moment Chris saw Heather was evident on his face, and the ceremony began, celebrating the love and journey of Chris and Heather together! As we approached the end of the ceremony, with the exchange of vows and wedding rings, the weather took a sudden turn and the skies opened up! 

We all found ourselves huddled beneath umbrellas as the wedding party protected the bride and groom and they sealed their love with an enthusiastic, wet kiss!! 

The joy, the shock, the hilarity of it all was evident in the smiles on Chris and Heathers’ faces as they walked back down the aisle! Nothing, not even a surprise rainstorm, could dampen their excitement to be newlyweds! Their happiness and resilience was contagious, and the rest of celebrations got underway as everyone dried off and raised a glass of champagne to toast the new Mr. and Mrs. Guzdial!

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