Classic Grand Basin Engagement: Alli & Justin

The details

For their late summer engagement, Alli and Justin wanted to use some of the open, natural space of Forest Park, while also taking advantage of the beautiful and historic architecture! The Emerson Grand Basin is both beloved and a classic destination for St. Louis photos, for the beauty of the water and fountains as well as its bright and sunny setting. We took advantage of the different features the Grand Basin has to offer for their golden hour photos. 

Starting at the front of the basin, we made sure to get the St Louis staple shot of the full Grand Basin, Art Hill, and the gorgeous Art Museum in the distance. Alli and Justin’s energy was balanced well between serious and sultry, to light and romantic, so we started with poses and shots that played up their calm dynamics and interactions. 

As we moved to the periphery of the Grand Basin, using the side paths to look out across the water, we added a few more playful and fun prompts, with lifts and spins and dancing! Utilizing the stairs on the edge of the basin gave us a chance for sweet snuggles, and some comfortable relaxing onto each other. 

For the last bit of our time at the basin, we used our golden hour sunlight peeking in through the trees for some glowy romance, and we played up the gentle intimacy that Alli and Justin exuded so comfortably! 

For our second location, we shifted gears into a more casual vibe, and moved to an open grassy glen. Since this was the end of September, we were able to find some early fall leaves, too. For this set of photos, we focused more on movement, with lifts and spins, walking and playfully bumping into each other.

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