Hi I'm Bec!

My Passion for photography can be traced all the way back to my youngest years.

When I was a kid, my father would hold our attention for hours with slide carousels projected on walls, showing us the history of our family! He shot on the beautiful vintage KodaChrome, and the images of years past captured my heart, and have long since driven my desire to create memories and document love.

When I was 10, I got my very own film camera. I carried that wrist-strap Olympus everywhere.

When I was 14 I saved up my babysitting pennies and bought a Sony DSLR. I walked around capturing the lamest shots of flowers all around my yard. I was terrible at it back then, but it felt like magic.

In high school, I fell in love with Canon, shooting on old 50Ds that belonged to our yearbook club. But then I got to college and “grew up” leaving behind this thing that I had loved so much.

In adulthood, I picked my cameras back up and rediscovered my love for capturing moments in time. I began to pour more of myself back into transforming a longtime hobby into an art.

In 2021, I decided to finally pursue my passion full time as a career. Weddings are my jam, but what I love most is love, in whatever form.

I value your love

like it's my own

I’ve been with my husband Justin for a decade and a half, and my love for him is the very foundation of my life.

Realizing, as the years pass, that I absolutely treasure any of the photos we managed to capture together from our younger years has made a huge difference in how I view the photos that I take for my clients!

It’s so important to me that I capture your love authentically, so you too can treasure your bond together moving forward.

As your photographer, I'll
be right by your side during
some of the most important
moments of your life...

so let's get to know each other!