Standard Session

These are great sessions for seasonal photoshoots! If you want to capture everyone in their fall colors, or decked out for the holidays, this is a great way to get some updated shots of the family to refresh your picture frames, send to grandma, or just to hang on the fridge! 

  • One hour
  • One outfit (multiple for babies upon request)
  • 40+ images
  • One location


Extended Session

This is recommended for large family groups who want to capture a unique stage and all of its relationships. Whether that’s grandparents with the kids, older siblings with a new baby, or the whole gang, cousins and all playing around with each other! This session gives lots of opportunities for priceless shots.

  • Up to 2 hours, or as long as we can hold the kids’ attention!
  • Two outfits
  • 80+ images
  • One location