Milestones and Memories Package

I’m so very excited to offer this new package, which allows you to build your own timeline of sessions over the course of your new baby’s first year.  That first year will pass in a blink for you and your little nugget. Capturing these stages in your baby’s growth will help you preserve each wrinkle, every little yawn and smile, to be treasured forever. The base package includes 4 photoshoots of your choosing, to be scheduled during the ages you wish to capture. See below for some recommended stages!

The first option of your 4 sessions is a maternity shoot, before your babe has arrived. Let’s soak up those moments of peace and that beautiful pregnancy glow! I know your world will shift soon, so let’s make some lasting memories and document this special time!

Is there anything better than that teeny baby smell? Babes change so much, even from day to day when they’re so new and little. These session will be in-home lifestyle shoots. We will capture the everyday moments of your little one in a bassinet or swaddled in their crib, breastfeeding, asleep in your arms in your favorite rocker, or wherever your memories are made. 

Your little one isn’t so little now! Now your baby is starting to find their smile, interact with toys and objects around them, and starting to sit or prop themselves up! This is a great age to capture some adorable grins (and drool!), without having to chase them down!

At this stage, you might have a mobile little one! Crawling, cruising, and maybe even walking with your hand! This is such a fun stage, with babbling and laughter and so much interaction!

We’ve hit the 1 year mark! Your baby is definitely on the move, and is starting to get so big! We’ll do one final session to commemorate a full year of  love and laughter, growth and milestones!


A sample package might look like the following: Maternity, 2 Months, 7 Months, 15 Months

Or if you’d prefer, you can prioritize photos after birth: 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months

 Add ons: Additional sessions may be added for $200 apiece, if more ages are desired.