Hi, I'm Bec!

My Passion for photography can be traced all the way back to my youngest years, when my father would hold our attention for hours with slide carousels projected on walls, showing us the history of our family!

My father shot on the beautiful vintage KodaChrome, and the images of years past captured my heart, and have long since driven my desire to create memories and document love. These days, we don’t shoot slide film anymore, but we still capture the magic that exists in relationships of all forms. 

I’m a St. Louis Native, having grown up in the fields and forests of Defiance. I am an alumna of John Burroughs School, and after spending 4 years in Minnesota attending Macalester College, I returned to The Lou! I now live with my husband and two dogs in Richmond Heights. Between my familiarity with the rolling hills of wine country and the western metro, and my years living in the city, I can help you to pick the best fit for whatever style shoot you’re looking for!

As Your Photographer...

I am here to help you capture the loves in your life.

Everyone remembers the big days, but I think we deserve to remember the little days just as much. The in-between moments. Our lives are not made up only by one big moment after another. There are softer seasons of love and quiet joy. The love of a pet, the smile of your mother, the laughter of best friends. Some day, you will thank yourself for having something to hold on to, to revisit these memories and cherish them more dearly. 

I offer packages for the big days, because they are the culmination of so much energy, planning, and love. But I’m also here for everything else! 

Let me help you freeze time and capture love in its many forms!